Finale Desserterie & Bakery

Petit Robert

Pollo al Cilantro

Merluzzo in Acquapazza

Circus Cooking
Did you ever think about joining the circus?  Well, Raymond Slizewski did exactly that.  "I was 40 when I ran away from home and joined the circus," Slizewski said, "and it was the best decision I ever made."  The half-Samoan half-Polish Slizewski received his culinary degree at Newbury College in Boston and has been applying his cookery skills as the chef and cookhouse manager for the Big Apple Circus for the past five years...  (read more)
Let Them Eat Cake
Cake is a simple mixture of ingredients including flour, eggs, butter, milk and sugar.  These confectionary concoctions have been a part of our history for thousands of years going back to the early Egyptian culture.  Cake-making evidence has been found in caves where our culinary predecessors produced coarse and floury delights on heated stones.  You could say that "Let them eat cake," was our motto...  (read more)
Vlora Restaurant
Chef Aldo Velaj loves to cook his favorite dishes from the North Mediterranean region, including Southern Italy, Greece and Velaj's homeland, Albania.  His subterranean restaurant Vlora, named after the city where Velaj was born, is located on the lower level at 545 Boylston Street...  (read more)
Hawaiian Birthday Party
George DiVenuti always wanted to spend his 50th in Hawaii.  Well, that wasn't possible so we brought Hawaii to George.  Vlora Restaurant located at 545 Boylston Street in Boston was converted to a tropical Hawaiian location...  (read more)